Help The Poor in

The Richest City

This book primely recorded experience of the authors in a charity of Canada, and interviews with the CEO and other members of the charity.

It is Oakville, the city served by Bill's charity organization, and the richest city in Canada. In the small city, there are still a lot of low-income people who need the help and provision of government authorities and social institutions for their food, clothing, housing and transportation. In this book, the authors expressed such a viewpoint with profound sociological viewpoints:

Whether a country or society is developed does not depend on whether there are poor people, but to effectively think about a reasonable and formulated social medicine to help the poor around oneself effectively.

In developed country Canada, in the richest city Oakville, there is a philanthropist named Bill. He has been involved in philanthropy mergers all his life, gathering the absence of the government, and increasing the society's self-help capabilities.

Bill's story is touching and has spiritual meaning: only by allowing and encouraging social forces to participate in charity can every corner of the sun not shine, and every one is obscured by the aura of "developed country" and "richest city" people and families in need of assistance receive the most basic and most needed assistance.


一个偶然的机会,两位青少年作者参与到了一个专门为低收入家庭、特别是单亲妈妈家庭和难民家庭提供帮助的慈善机构之中,这个机构叫safetynet–children and youth charities, 创始人就是本书的主人翁 Bill Shields。在为这家慈善机构的难民小孩提供免费音乐课程的同时,两位年轻作者对Bill有了更加深入的了解,被他的人生故事所打动。他们利用课余时间,对Bill本人和他周边的




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